Personalized Horsehair Necklace


Get a personalized Horsehair Necklace made from your horses's tail hair!

Each necklace is carefully made-to-order by a local craftswoman!

Wear it proudly wherever you go.

Item's Description :

  • Each necklace comes with one hand-carved wooden pendant.
  • You can personalized with -
    • Name - Delicately wood burning a name of your choice on a heart-shaped pendant.
    • Photo - Adding your photo on a small pendant, cut from a hardwood log. Pendant is about the size of a quarter. Carefully left with the bark on for a pretty, rustic look.
  • All wood pieces are finished with natural hemp-seed oil.
  • The wooden end caps are made from hardwood. 
  • Necklaces are braided using a four strand, round braiding method.
  • Closures - Toggle clasps.
Ordering Instructions :
  • Please choose the number and type of charms, each charm can be burned with a different name/photo.
  • You can mix the two types by choosing "TWO CHARMS"
  • Name charm - After adding to cart you will be able to add your horse's name on our "NOTE TO SHOP" section. Up to 10 characters/spaces long (10 would make the font pretty tiny).

For example - 
First Charm - Woody
Second Charm - Lily
  • Photo Charm - After completing the order, please email us a good quality photo of your horse, email it with the same email used for the order to - 

  • If you chose custom size - Please add it on our "NOTE TO SHOP" section on the cart page.
  • If you chose to send us your own horse's hair (that's great!), please read carefully the instructions below of how to cut it. We'll contact you within 1 business day with our studio address - Please wait for our email before sending.

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How to cut your necklace hair?

  1. Please cut a small section of hair (a bit thicker than the width of a pencil) from the longest part of your horses tail (right in the middle under the tail bone is typically the best choice).
  2. Length - 5" longer than your necklace size.
  • For example -
    • 17" necklace would require a minimum of 22" tail hair.
    • 19" necklace would require a minimum of 24" tail hair.
  • Be sure to get a bit of each color if your horse is a paint, or just has a pretty tail :).
  • Rubber band the hair at the top, wind it up, and look for our address on the email we sent you (the shipping cost will be yours).
  • We will wash the hair with warm water and a mild soap, leaving your horse's natural shine, before constructing your necklace.
  • Make sure to give her an apple.

 Handcrafted in the USA

Ready to ship in 7–10 business days from United States.

Guaranteed safe checkout:


Shipping time

US: 2 to 7 business days.
EU: 7 to 12 business days.
AUS: 16 to 24 business days.
Care instructions :
These necklaces were tested by US farm girls and proven to be quite durable! 
Nevertheless, to insure their long beautiful life, here's what you do.... 

Basic Care Instructions:
- Water resistant, but please avoid submerging them in water often. (No showering, washing dishes, swimming, ect.). 
- Avoid abrasive contact. These are not likely to brake unless cut through, so please try to avoid rubbing them against rough objects and edges. 
- If any stray hairs do get cut, or pop up, simply cut them back close to the braid— avoiding cutting any other hairs for the longest life out of your necklace. 
Don't forget to add the name on the cart page or to send us a photo !

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