The Original 'Horse-Scope' Western Zodiac Equine Personality Chart - Custom made for your horse!

Looking for the ultimate Horse gift that’s out of this world? A personalized Horse Astrology Chart is a unique gift that any horse lover will cherish forever! 

Yes, you read that right, we will create a comprehensive analysis of your horse’s traits and personality outlined in beautiful detail on a custom designed zodiac chart. Our in-house Astrologer has decades of experience and a passion for all things equine. Our staff Designer has created a series of stunning charts depicting the various Astrological elements that can be framed or laminated.

Don't want to be left out of the stellar fun? Order a Human Astrological Chart for yourself or a friend!  When you order a set of charts for you (and) your horse, we will include a Compatibility Chart - an analysis of how you and your horse interact; Perfect for any horse enthusiast!

What you get: 

Single Astrological HORSE Chart:

  •  Customized 8.5 x11 Printed and laminated Astrological Chart with your horse's key personality traits - artisan designed. *Frame not included.                       

2 Charts - Human & Horse Astrological Charts:

  • 2 Customized 8.5 x 11 Printed and laminated Astrological Charts (one human and one horse) with key personality traits - artisan designed. *Frame not included
  • Compatibility Chart - Customized 8.5 x 11 printed and laminated artisan designed Astrological Chart for you and your horse. *Frame not included.

*Astrological charts and interpretations are based on sound principles of astrological delineation and are provided for entertainment purposes only.

Learn about Karin Donoyan, Astrologer Here


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