Horse Lovers Gift Guide


Finding the perfect gifts for horse lovers can be really challenging to some – especially if they have zero knowledge about horses. People often think that these horse items are usually expensive and are difficult to find. But that is not always the case.
Horse Lovers Gift Guide
No matter what the occasion is, it’s important to find a well-thought-out gift for the person who will receive it. For horse enthusiasts, it’s no exception. Just like any gift items, there are some important factors that you really need to consider.

Here are the three of the most important factors to consider when buying a gift for a horse enthusiast:
#1 Age
Age is a huge factor in planning for gifts for horse lovers. Children usually love something they can enjoy, like a custom horse bedcover set. Teens and younger adults love something unique and useful, such as a graphic mousepad. For yuppies and older adults, they usually like something they can learn from or some ornaments for their houses like some horse art pieces or horse decorations like a beautiful horse window decal. For grandmas and grandpas, they usually want something entertaining and something for the whole family to enjoy.  
Horse Bedding Set
Horse Car Seat Covers
Horse Bath Mat
#2 Gender
Like age, gender is also important in looking for a perfect present for horse lovers. Women usually like house decorations, horse shower curtainskitchenware, horse coffee mugs,  jewelry, horse wall decal, apparel, tote bags, shoes, and etc. On the other hand, men prefer something for their cars, motorcycles, sports, and the like. Although a belt or hat wouldn't hurt him.
Horse Leggings
#3 Incorporate it into what they love to do
Do they love to drink wine? Watch movies? Travel? These are just some things you also need to consider. You need to make sure that you think of what these horse lovers love to do and what they need while doing it. So for example, they love fashion, then, give them some tops or awesome fashion pieces.
Horse Coasters
Horse Tumbler Horse Tote Bag
These are three of the most important elements you have to consider when choosing a well thought out present for horse lovers. Follow those tips and you can't go wrong.


Best gifts for horse lovers


Horse Gift Ideas:


Horse Coffee Mugs

For horse lovers who love coffee or tee, you can get them horse coffee mugs. There are plenty of horse designs and topics to choose from. They will absolutely love these witty, cute, and adorable horse mug designs.

Horse Heart Mug
My Wish List Mug
Horse Virgo Astrology Mug
I need my horse and coffee mug

Horse Art Pieces

Art pieces are great gifts for those horse lovers who are into arts and crafts. It’s always great to see some beautiful art hanging on the wall. It is something that can bring beauty everyday.


Want something different? How about a nice horse wall decal? Perfect for any room’s focal point, this wall decal screams your love for horses. Or you may want to spice it up a bit? Try giving a 5-piece horse art instead. It gives extra oomph to any room and any horse lover will surely love to have this!

Check out all our horse art pieces HERE.

Horse Wall Decal
5 Piece Horse Art
Rainbow Horse Canvas Art
Gypsy Horse Wall Decal

Horse Decorations

Some horse lovers really love to decorate their houses with horses. From figurines to horse shower curtains, you can definitely see their house filled with these majestic creatures.

There are a lot of house decorations you can choose from. Depending on your budget, you can surely find a house decoration gift that a horse lover will absolutely love like an awesome doormat
Horse Figurines
Horse Shower Curtains
LED Horse Lamp
Horse Doormat


Horse Jewelry

Finding the perfect horse jewelry for horse enthusiasts is not really difficult. From rings to horse bracelet and bangles to horseshoe necklaces, any woman who loves horses will definitely appreciate these.

There are also some personalized jewelry where you can have their horse’s name engraved. Or how about that classic heart necklace?

Horse Ring
Horse Medallion Necklace
Silver Running Horse Necklace
Personalized Horsehair Bracelet



Aside from clothes, you can also give them special horse tote bags that they will absolutely love. Bags are fun ways to show off their passion and who knows, they can also meet other horse lovers because of these handy bags!

Two Riders Horse Bag
Horse Print Purse
Horse Small Leather Tote
Personalized Horsehair Bracelet


For the Horse

What's better than getting something for yourself? Getting something special for your horse that you get to show off and you get to use while riding. A nice grooming comb, LED horse Harness or Cup Holder would be just the ticket!

Silver Comb
Custom Cup Holder for Saddles
LED Horse Harness
Horse Grooming Toolset

Decorating your Home.

Let's face it, when we get into something we like to have it everywhere! Help showcase that horse enthusiast's style with a fabulous horse themed bedspread or cushion covers for pillows. Even the bathroom can get an upgraded look with a horse theme.

Horse Bathroom Accessories
Horse Cushion Covers
Horse Bedspread
Real Horse Cotton Cushion Covers

For the Sophisticate

Ever wonder what to get a fashionista or someone who loves unique and luxury horse items and apparel? Look no further!

We have men's blazers and women's tops that are sure to make a fashion statement and wow anyone who receives them. You can never go wrong with our CXC Equestrian Jewelry or a nice cowboy hat as well.

Men's Equestrian Blazer
Johnny Was Top
Buckle Bracelet
Polo Travel DuffleBag
Cowboy Hats
Horse Scarf
Fringe Backpack
Velvet Drape Top

Run with Horses

If you have an ample budget for a gift, then go big. Bring them to a ranch filled with beautiful horses. Grab your picnic bag and go out for a horse riding adventure. They will surely appreciate this special bonding with you and the horses.

Ride with the Horses

A Horse

You know what they say – Go big or go home. If you are really planning for something special (and have a budget for it), then why not get them a friend horse? In fact, horses are great gifts for special moments in one’s life like birthday parties, graduation, bar mitzvah, or even wedding.


In giving someone a horse, you need to consider a lot of things. You also have to make sure that the one who will receive this very special gift can be responsible enough to take care of the horse. Choosing the right horse breed for them is also important to make sure that they are compatible.

.Horses with Women

These are just some of the best gifts for horse lovers.

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