Biography of Karin Donoyan

Everything you want to know about Karin Donoyan, Astrologer


As an avid horse enthusiast since her early childhood, Karin acknowledges that
her love for horses and other animals has never left. In 1973 she took up
Astrology and studied under the well-known Astrologer and author,
Lois Rodden and from there spun off her own career.
Karin Donoyan Astrologer
Karin in her native Germany, Age 19
She was a board member with the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA)
and furthered her studies in graphology and numerology. With a primary interest in character
analysis and problem solving, Karin was sought out for her skill and natural intuition.
She has been the loving owner of several horses but holds a special affinity for
Arabians. With her interest in all animals and her connection with Astrology,
she has created a niche with the study of how people and their beloved animals interact.