The Story of Kristy C and Kalani, the Little Mare with Big Personality!

The Story of Kristy C and Kalani, the Little Mare with Big Personality!

February 08, 2018

Here at Three Wild Horses, our goal is to build a network of horse lovers who share their passion in raising and taking care of horses and to help each other in dealing with common issues, especially those who are new to horse raising.

That’s why we want to give an opportunity for horse lovers to share their story and experience in owning and raising horses.

On today’s blog, we interviewed Kristy C from Oklahoma, a horse lover and enthusiast. Read below as she shares her amazing experience with her horse, Kalani.

What’s your horse’s name and can you please tell us more about her?

My mare, my little mare – She’s a little horse and her name is Kalani. It’s a Hawaiian name which means “From the Heaven”.


When was the first time you met Kalani?

I met her in Arkansas. I live in Oklahoma. My daughter’s ex-boss has a riding club in Arkansas. We were going there with one of my granddaughters and my daughter and going to have a play day. And I was talking to somebody about buying a horse for my grandkid – I like a smaller horse. Her boss said “I have a horse I just got from an auction. Why don’t you look at her?” So my daughter gets on her, ride her, and this was at midnight.

We just got at Arkansas. And so, she was at the back and it was dark out there. Anyway, she brought her towards the arena, rides her out bareback. I started looking at her and she wasn’t in the best shape. But I thought she was fantastic for my daughter when she rode her.

So I looked at her the next day in the daylight and we just had a bonding moment when she neighed and she just spoke to me. And when I first walked up to her the next day, she started to nicker at me.

Have you always loved horses?

When I was a kid, having a horse is just something I always love. And my first horse was a Paint Horse and I also had a second horse. It took a lot of space in between. I was away from horses. Then, I had Kalani for two years. And then my husband, after I got my mare Kalani, he’s got an older Palomino horse and we named him Sully. He’s got a really long, flowing, white mane and tail. He was a little flabby that time.

My little mare, we've put over a hundred pounds on her. She was a little skinny when we got her. And supposedly, she was a cutting reject, she has no papers. She just got that gorgeous little head on her. But yeah, I have always loved horses ever since I was a little kid.

Kalani and Granddaughter


With so many other animals to keep, why should one keep a horse?

Sometimes keeping a horse isn't for everyone. Sometimes, it's just something you have a heart for. You have to have a heart for it. Some people do it because of discipline. That's their thing. They ride. They show their friends. But to me, if you really want a horse, it should be where your heart is.

What have you learned about horses that you can share with us?

I guess, some horses have more personality than others. That's the biggest thing for me.

My little mare has really strong personality and then the other two that we have here just don’t have that. I mean, they're both good horses. They're nice.  They do a lot of things. But they just don't have the expressions and personality to me that this little mare has.

I mean a dog has a personality. But you just don't expect a horse to have a really strong personality. I mean she really just has one.

She's one of those horses who will follow you when you go outside. When you walk out there, she's there. With a lot of horses I had, they never did that. But nope, she's right there. Walk outside, she's like "Mom, here I am".

Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you?

I think the transformation we've done when we got her until now. The weight we put on her and how different she looked - Just the transformation that she's come so far and gaining more personality.

Kristy C and Family

What can you say the biggest challenge you were facing?

The biggest challenge is she has a rearing problem. And it was mainly knowing why she gets it. Learning why she was doing it, it wasn't just because she just didn't understand.

She's come such a long way in 8 months we got her and riding her. Now she's very different and very intelligent.

What would you say someone considering keeping a horse?

If you're going to look into getting a horse, look into more than just "we have property". It's more than just feeding them. It's their vaccination, shots, deworming, scheduling to check their teeth. It's not just walking with them, throwing a hay, or riding them every day. Take them as a friend. You can tell them everything. You treat them right, and they'll treat you right.

We saw that you bought a shower curtain and bath mat with us. Would you recommend them to everyone?

Oh yes, sure. I’ll definitely recommend.

Hope you loved our interview with Kristy C. as much as we loved interviewing her and learning a lot from her experience and of course, Kalani’s story.

If you also want to be featured and share your horse’s story with us, we’d definitely love to hear from you.

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