How to Enhance the Fertility of Your Horse

How to Enhance the Fertility of Your Horse

August 10, 2020

As a horse lover, there are certain things you look forward to with your horse, and one of those vital periods is the breeding season. We get so excited with our horses in many ways, by celebrate them in different ways like buying horse-related accessories , or horse matching outfits to look good with them.
But one of the most critical periods we share with our horse is the breeding season. Horse owners are eager to take their horse to a suitable breeding facility and hope for a successful pregnancy with the expectation of a healthy foal. However, as a horse owner, you must be considerate of the fertility of your horse to boost their chances of getting pregnant.
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Certain factors will enhance the fertility of your horse , and you should manage the health of your horse before the breeding period. Below are ways you can improve the potency of your horse:

Ensuring the Horse Stays Healthy
It is vital that your horse is in good health so nothing will affect the reproductive process, or else the resources spent on the breeding will be wasted. It would be best if you consistently managed the health of the horse and put them on regular check-ups leading to the period of the reproduction. Diseases and some forms of sickness can affect the performance or the reproductive process of the horse.

Keep a Breeding Record
Specialists in the field of horse reproduction advise that owners should keep track of the reproductive efficiency of the horse well before the breeding period. A meeting with a specialist will be useful as you can be directed on how to keep a breeding record to accurately monitor the performance of the horse and ensure that their reproductive organs are in good condition. This record-keeping and monitoring process can help you determine the sperm quality and how it will boost fertility amongst other considerations.

Keep Proper Management of Your Horse
The regular task of managing the horses can enhance their fertility. And in most cases, you may not need to go through too many scientific processes if you manage your horses properly. There are particular physical signs that you may notice about your horse and begin to manage when you pay proper attention.

One condition that may affect the fertility of your horse is it being overweight. You should monitor the weight of the horse and put them on regular exercise to maintain a good physical state. Check the general physical state of the horse, his teeth, check for injuries and ensure that they are not on vaccination or drugs during the period of fertilization. Proper management of your horses will keep them in good condition for the fertility period.

Breeding time can be a joyous experience as it can add new horses to your family, and what could be better than that?
Best of luck with your horse - we hope it brings a successful outcome!

P.S. Please send us photos of the new foal - we love to see our growing four-footed families!

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