Discover These Beautiful and Strange Horse Breeds

Discover These Beautiful and Strange Horse Breeds

August 07, 2020

Let's learn about the different breeds of horses.
Many varieties of horse breeds have emerged since the domestication of horses many years ago. Horse breeds come in a variety of personalities, colors, and sizes. From ancient times horses have been kept for transportation, agricultural and transportation purposes. The lovely and strange variations have been the result of breeding practices in different places around the world, although some breeds naturally develop from the influence of the environments they live in. Here is a list of the most strange and lovely horse breeds ever seen.

1. The Bashkir Curly
This extraordinary horse breed is famously known for its genetic feature of a curly coat of hair which comes in all colors, body types, and sizes. It's strange how the curly characteristics are transmitted to the offspring normally about 50% of the time even when they mate with other horse breeds without the curly traits.
The Bashkir Curly
2. The Marwari
They originated from the Marwari region in India in the 12th century. The main notable characteristic of this breed is its inward curving ears. Its mainly used nowadays for agricultural work and riding in contrast to the cavalry functions of the ancient period. It’s a breed that’s mainly popular among breeders and buyers which exists in every horsey color with brown and patchy colorations.
The Marwari
3. The Akhal Teke
Arguably the world’s most beautiful breed is also known as the golden horse. The name is due to its amazing shiny coat that usually appears metallic in sunlight. This breed is the national emblem of Turkmenistan. Experts tend to believe that the metallic sheen developed as a type of camouflage from the period the breed developed in Turkmenistan. Their unbelievable agility earned them the nickname ‘the greyhounds of the horse world’.
The Akhal Teke
4. The Gypsy Vanner Horse
This breed is renowned for its charming white and black colorations and thick feathering that usually starts at the hocks and knees of any color. They are also known as the Tinker horses, Irish Cobs, or the colored Cobs although the name depends on your location. This breed was named Gypsy Vanner from its purpose of pulling vardoes in Romanichal land. The breed developed strong muscles from pulling these ‘mobile homes’ on wheels but they are known to be calm, docile, and friendly.
The Gypsy Vanner Horse
5. Black Forest Horse
These horses are well known for their incredible strength, deep chestnut color, gentleness, and reliability. They were bred in the Black Forest of Germany, for working in the forests and farmlands dating back 600 years. Their large hooves and strong legs are the major notable adaptations that developed to their environments.
Black Forest Horse
6. The Fjord Horse
The Fjord Horse

These beautiful breeds are considered one of the oldest horse breeds in the world and are known for their contrasting long hair and dun coloration. They originate from Norway and they are relatively strong just like the draft horses but they are agile and smaller in size. They were used in farming due to their marvelous strength. Their mane normally grows thick and long but can be trimmed for stressing the neck shape and to enhance effortless grooming.
7. The Falabella
Falabella is one of the globally unique miniature horses worldwide that originated in Argentina. The distinguishing features of these horses are their unusual size, the criollo, Shetland pony, and Welsh pony characteristics. They have a lifespan of 40 to 45 years. They are normally used in shows and trained to be ridden by little children and pull carts. They are extremely small in size ranging to about 32 inches, which is a very unusual phenomenon.
The Falabella

From the beginning of horse domestication thousands of years ago, we have had a chance to come across some unique horse breeds. We hope you find our list interesting and educational. From their breathtaking sizes, variety of coats and manes, their strengths, and unique characteristics, all these horse breeds have their place in our wonderfully diverse world of the horse.

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