5 Female Celebrities Who Love Horses

5 Female Celebrities Who Love Horses

March 12, 2018

By: Sheena J. 

Once again, we are featuring a special blog for March for the celebration of International Women's Month. In this article, we will be showcasing some of the celebrities who not only are masters of their crafts but are also animal lovers and are responsible horse owners themselves. These people have proven that being a busy celebrity will never be in the way of taking care of these majestic creatures and having extra time with them is every bit worth it. 

Some of the names here may be news to you, some you may have already heard of. These celebrities and musicians also go beyond the cameras and the lights. Some of them even participate in derby Cups and are also known because of their excellence in riding. Read away below and share your thoughts in the comments below if you think of other celebrities that can also be on this list.  


Kaley Cuoco 

Kaley Cuoco

I have been a follower and lover of Big Bang Theory since the pilot episode. And those of you who also watch the show can't help but love the pretty girl next door who has swept the heart of many with her quick wit and sarcasm. Kaley has been in the industry since 1995 and started with small roles, eventually landing the part of "Penny" in the hit show Big Bang theory in 2007. On the other hand, Cuoco has been a horse lover since she was 15 years old. She is a proud owner of multiple horses and is also a very successful equestrian and had joined numerous jumping competition. She is really an excellent example of someone who has a great passion for her horse buddies.  



Yes, the Queen, the world-famous singer/songwriter, and an acclaimed actress is also a certified horse lover and equestrian and is even sharing her passion with her kids. She may have started her passion for horses in her 40's, but she has always been an outspoken animal lover and has strong beliefs in protecting all living creatures. She was highly influenced by now her ex-husband Guy Ritchie who is also a horse enthusiast horse owner and rider. On her 47th birthday, she was presented with a new horse but was unfortunately thrown off and she suffered 8 broken bones. After the injury though, she still remained her adoration for horses and is still riding. 

Nicole Kidman 

One of the most renowned actresses of Hollywood, Nicole Kidman has been a household name because of legendary films she had starred in like Moulin Rouge, The Others, and The Stepford Wives to name a few. Aside from being a successful actress, producer, and mother, she is also a known equestrian. She owns several horses. She has shown her riding skills in some of the movies she did like Australia and Far and Away. 

Julia Roberts 

Julia Roberts

Who wouldn't be familiar with the movie "Pretty Woman"? Julia Roberts is one of the most awarded actresses of all time and is ranked as #7 on The Greatest Actors and Actresses in Entertainment History. As a horse lover, her overwhelming love for these creatures made her become a ranch owner, taking care of horses and rides as a hobby. She also did a documentary "The Wild Horses of Mongolia", in which she had proved how much she values the lives of horses and acclaims her respect for the ways horses help in the everyday lives of the nomadic family she spent several weeks living with. She has been quoted saying “For these horses to just be allowed to roam around and they don’t take off and leave …is kind of amazing."  

Martha Stewart 

Martha Stewart

Having success both as a television personality and being a businesswomanyou may think she may not have time to ride around and take care of horses. But, this founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is also an equine devotee and owns multiple horses of various breeds that she now shares with her grandchildren, teaching them the same enthusiasm she has for these wonderful creatures. One of her most priced buddies is a Fell Pony, whom she mainly acquired for her grandkids. She owns a 153 acres farm in Bedford, New York where she takes care of her horses together with her full-time employees who make sure all equines are in top shape and are treasured to the fullest.  


Just like us private citizens, many celebrities have taken valuable steps in owning and devoting their lives to horses. These people on the list are not just about acting or singing or hosting. They are also pledged care-takers and advocate promoting horse lovers who see the value of tending and nurturing horses especially because of how much they are of help to us, not just hobby-wise, but also for our emotional and physical growth. Themay be famous, but for their horses, they are humans who consider them as part of their family, and that speaks to us as them more than just celebrities being in the spotlight.  

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Did you find this interesting? This is just one of the four Women's Month Specials we have for this significant time of the year. Stay tuned for the other blogs and subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest updates.

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