4 Famous and Most Influential Female Equestrians

4 Famous and Most Influential Female Equestrians

March 08, 2018

By: Sheena J. 

March is International Women's Month. For the next 31 days, women of different shapes and sizes, Races and Nationalities and from all around the globe are remembered for the wonderful creations they are. Although the relevance and the importance of the women in our lives must not only be valued for a month but for a lifetime, March is specifically designated to be Women's Month since 1987 and has been celebrated since then. It is to also promote equality among the sexes in the general public. Influential women of history and of the present time is honored and proclaimed for their contributions to women's rights and for the betterment of their crafts. March is indeed the month for the Ladies. And they are who we are going to appreciate for this whole month's readings.

For this issue, we are going to celebrate the women who made a difference in the equestrian world. There have been talks even in the past about inequality amongst genders when it comes to this kind of passion. But years and years of talented women showing the world otherwise is paying off since now women are being recognized as an integral part of equestrian sports. Below are some women whose names have been known for their capabilities and dedications for their chosen careers.

Laura Tomlinson

Laura Tomlinson

Laura started with her love of horses at the tender age of just three years old. She is a daughter of a wealthy German magnate and was born in Mainz, Germany in 1985. Even during her early teen years, she had already competed and won the National Championships of Independent Schools at Stonar School. At her first major competition, she successfully bagged a silver medal and that's when she decided to concentrate on her career. She is also the youngest dressage champion of Britain, winning when she was just 20 years of age. In 2008, she was declared as British Dressage's Rider of the Year after she achieved 18th place in the individual Grand Prix Special and 6th place in the team division. She went on and triumphed numerous award and in 2013, she was selected to be a Member of the Order of the British Empire for excellent equestrianism. She is also a dedicated wife and a mother of two among all her achievements.

Chantal Sutherland


Chantal Sutherland

Chantal grew up in Ontario, Canada and is a daughter of a successful horse farm owner that trained standardbreds. Aside from her countless achievements in jockey, she is also well-known for her appearances on the TV show Jockeys that aired on Animal Planet. She is also an acknowledged model aside from being a professional athlete. In the year 2000, she won her first career race at the Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. Immediately the year after, she was chosen for the Sovereign Award as Canada's foremost apprentice jockey. She is also the first female jockey to ever ride professionally in the Middle East when she participated in the Dubai World Cup. She made her way to North America and won numerous prestigious awards in well-known cups such as Hollywood Gold Cup and the Santa Anita Handicap.

Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg

Born Georgina Leigh Bloomberg in New York City, she is the daughter of the former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Like most professional equestrians, Georgina has been a horse enthusiast and has been dreaming to be an expert in the field at a young age. She began riding at age four and had already joined competitions at age six. In 2001, she won USET Talent Derby. In 2003, she won a gold medal all while being a member of the North American Young Rider Championship Team. Since then, she has won various awards for her jumping victories, counting five WEF Challenge Cup titles from 2005 and 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. She is also a co-author of young adult novels which dwells in the assurance of animal welfare, and she also founded The Rider's Closet.

Luciana Diniz


Luciana Diniz


Luciana is a Brazilian-Portuguese equestrian who specializes in show jumping. Her mother, Lica Diniz, is also an eight-time Brazilian dressage champion and her father is a polo player. She founded G.R.O.W., an organization which aims to help people, young and old, in fulfilling their dreams in life by receiving support and guidance to realize unknown potentials and to unleash the gifts each individual has for social and emotional intelligence. Luciana is also known because of being her linguistics and is fluent in five languages. She currently ranks thirteenth on the FEI Rolex Ranking List. Some of the horses she had won awards with are Fit for Fun 13, with whom she won the C5I5 Grand Prix in Doha, Qatar, and Winningmood for 2015 Longines Global Championship.

Women from all around the world who make difference in people's lives are what earth angels are made of. From our mothers to our sisters, to our friends, we all cannot help but agree that without them, this life will never be as good as what we have now. The women above are only a few of the many award-winning female equestrians that made a significant difference in the world of horse riding. They are celebrated not only for their talents but also for their determination and passion for their sport. Truly, anyone who puts their heart and soul to their dreams will achieve anything. And these are what “woman power” is all about.

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