10 Awesome Names for Horses

10 Awesome Names for Horses

February 13, 2018

I believe that names are not just some random thing you give to someone. It is a statement. Moreover, it is a way to show how much we value them. Same goes to our horses. Most horse owners get the names of their horses to something that relates to their breeds. For example, Arabians often give Egyptian names. Welsh Ponies mostly have Welsh-inspired names. It can be a grueling task to choose a name that will show others his/her personality and make her/him stand out of the crowd.  

Thinking of some awesome names for your beloved horses? Below are some of the names and their meanings that you can choose from. I have chosen these names not just because they are beautiful, but also because of the meaning that the name signifies. Read away and also learn a thing or two about some trivia associated with those names. 


     1. Angus 

This name is a masculine name in English. It originated from an Anglicized form of the Irish and Scottish Gaelic Aonghas, which means "One" and "Choice". One important person that has been associated with this name is Angus Og, a chieftain-lord in Irish folklore known to use his magical powers for the prosperity of mankind. Angus can be considered one of the best names for your horse since it shows the importance and signifies power. 

     2. Baymax 

Many kids would agree that Big Hero 6 is such a remarkable movie which depicts love and friendship. This can also be a cool and funny way to name your horse. In the movie, both the main character and Baymax have evolved from not being able to understand each other, to being inseparable friends. Such friendship can also be between you and your horse.  

     3. Black Jack 

This name is associated to a black gelding that served in the United States military as a caparisoned horse for formal occasions. Black Jack was the horse used for the funeral of none other than President John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated in 1963. He also participated In General Douglas McArthur funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. He lived to be 29 years old and has his cremated ashes interred at Ft. Myer, VA. This name signifies bravery and is an important figure in history. 

     4. Cher Ami 

This elegant-sounding name directly translates to "Dear Friend" in French. This name is also associated with a homing pigeon that is considered to be a big part of the United States Army Signal Corps in World War 1. Cher Ami was honored numerous times. This name symbolizes not just our horses as our best friends, but also someone who is brave and selfless.  


        Best Friend

     5. Elsa 

If you have a kid or is naturally kid at heart like me, you would never forget the name of the Snow Queen in a very popular and successful movie of 2013. Aside from this name associated with this fictional but very influential character. Elsa is a German name that translates to "My God is Bountiful". Another meaning is "Noble" which is from the Old German Athal, perfect verb to describe these majestic beings.  

     6. El Jefe 

This name demands respect. It literally translates to "The Boss" in Spanish. A name that denotes power, dignity, presence. This is a good name for those horses who compete who, even the name, stands out from all the rest. 

     7. Francis  

We all know a Francis or two in our lifetime. It is a name that has many derivatives in the European language. But this name is not just a common name among humans, it is also a good name for our horse friends. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and will just be a perfect name for your steed.  

     8. Noah 

We all have heard of the infamous Noah in The Bible, the one who gathered all the animals to make sure they are all included in his ark before the great flood. However, Noah is a Hebrew name that means "comfort" or "long-lived". If you have is a loving horse, this name is perfect and will describe how gentle horses can be. 

     9. Shiloh 

This name can also be found in the Bible. It is the prophetic name for the Messiah. In Hebrew, this name translates to "His Gift". If you consider your horse as a gift that you deeply treasure, or also if your horse has been given to you by someone special as a gift, this can be an awesome name and can symbolize how much your horse means to you.\ 

     10. Willow 

This name is one of the best names for your horse if you ask me. It is an English name that means "Graceful", such a name is excellent in showing how magnificent horses are. Willow is also from the tree that has slender, graceful branches and leaves that sways as the wind blows. 


Like some of the names I know, horse-parents sometimes choose a name of a dignified person they adore and would like to be symbol of the steed's nature. Some choose the names of a relative that they love the most. But whatever the reasons are for choosing a name, one must always keep in mind a name is something that will be associated with your horse. Thus, choose wisely. Your horse will love you more when you give him/her an awesome name.  

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How about you? Any other ideas for a great name? Share your suggestions and feel free to leave a comment below.  




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